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Sackai Bags goes to NYNOW trade show in North America

Sackai Bags takes part in the 2018 NYNOW Market, a leading trade show for contemporary design and sophistication in North America.    

Sackai Bags: A hobby that turns into a business

NEW YORK, - It all began when a former journalist Presi Mandari started designing and sewing her own canvas bags as a creative outlet to help handle her stress at…

Indonesia's Creative Economy Agency choses eight local brands to take part in a New York Trade Show

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. Indonesia creative economy agency BEKRAF  continues to boost the country's creative economy revenus by supporting local brands to take part in an international trade show such as…

Indonesian Women Pave Their Way to Online Success

Presi Mandari – Sackai Bags The concept for Sackai bags was born in 2013, and after two years of planning, Presi Mandari left her full-time job as a journalist to…